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Our Mission

Our mission: Discipleship. Scholarship. Excellence.

TPS promotes excellence in discipleship and scholarship as an integrated grace-based process.

Discipleship – Teaching is a mentoring role that influence a student’s whole “heart” (intellect, emotion, will).

Scholarship – Since God is Truth, all academic pursuit of knowledge and wisdom should be a study of God.

Excellence – The grace of the cross should make continual pursuit of God’s glory in all our endeavors a  joyful realization of who we already are as His children, not a frustrating effort to gain merit or favor.

TPS was originally called The Potter’s School, based on Isaiah 64:8.

TPS provides live on-line core academic courses for grades 4 through early college. Our hallmarks are high academic standards, a thoroughly integrated biblical worldview, and timely effective feedback. We also offer trips, camps, and other opportunities for community and service.