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Jericho Honor Society

TPS is committed to helping families achieve academic excellence in home education. Our consistent experience over many years is that academic success depends more on initiative, diligence, perseverance and other character traits than on ability. Godly character is instilled through discipleship within the family and the local church, and it is developed most effectively through integrating school with chores, work, ministry, outreach and other service into the all-encompassing process the Bible calls “labor.”

Therefore, to better help families achieve excellence in home education we are also committed to promoting activities that develop Godly character in youth. We desire to enhance the processes by which parents disciple their own children and by which families within the local church support one another in discipleship. In addition, we want to credit home educated youth for their service outside of school and work to increase their competitiveness for college and job opportunities. Toward these ends we have formed Jericho International Honor Society exclusively for TPS students, to promote and recognize in youth the development of Christian character through service and leadership.

Unlike other honor societies that use grades and scores as the primary basis for membership, recognition in the Jericho International Honor Society is based primarily on participation in service and ministry with a supporting requirement to maintain good grades. JIHS promotes activities and mentoring relationships to help youth grow in self-sacrifice, initiative, and leadership. JIHS is intended to motivate and enhance discipleship within families and the local church.

Recognition by the Jericho International Honor Society requires regular participation in service and outreach while maintaining good grades in a rigorous academic program (JIHS students must be taking TPS English or Math to participate). It also involves regular feedback from within and outside the family as part of the discipleship process. Participation in JIHS is free and is limited to currently enrolled Potter’s School students.

Jericho Honor Society Requirements

Jericho Honor Society Feedback Guidelines