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TPS Elementary Math – Learn math, like math, get ahead in math!

TPS Elementary Math – Learn Math, Like Math, Get Ahead In Math!

“We have loved the Math Accelerated program for our younger students. The classes are engaging, fun and move at a great pace to help the kids remain focused. My daughter went from hating math to loving math during her year in Math Accelerated 6. Problems went from being a struggle to being a fun puzzle to work out. Having had such a good experience with the program, we put our youngest in Math Accelerated 4. He also had a great experience, looks forward to class and has made great strides in his mathematical understanding.” — Carmen P (parent)

“Math Fundamentals 6 is filled with excellent, conceptual math instruction. The instructor goes to great lengths to ensure each student understands, so that no one is left behind. In addition, weekly homework reinforces these concepts. The MF6 teacher also puts together a list of games, videos and internet tools each week that further solidify the methods learned in the classroom.” — Heather H (parent)

“My youngest two (one year apart) took TPS Math Accelerated 4 together. Both did well, but the older wasn’t a fan of math and struggled more, so this past year we put the older in Math Fundamentals 6 and the younger in Math Accelerated 5. It was a perfect fit for both.” — Joy S (parent)

Why TPS Elementary Math?

  • Two options — standard (fundamentals) and honors (accelerated) — at every level, elementary through Calculus so there is a fit for every student. Both options keep you on track for high school and college.
  • Better prepared for high school math. Students who start TPS Math in elementary school do better and struggle less in high school math (and no placement tests!).
  • Skip a year of math. Strong TPS Math Accelerated students can skip Pre-Algebra and go straight to TPS Algebra.
  • Minimize curriculum changes. Start in TPS Math in elementary school and go all the way through TPS Calculus with just one gentle curriculum change.
  • Unmatched expertise and experience. TPS has taught math live on-line since 1997.

TPS Elementary Math Courses (before Pre-Algebra)

  • TPS offers Elementary Math (i.e, Math prior to Pre-Algebra) in two tracks: Accelerated and Fundamentals. Both tracks are thorough preparation for Pre-Algebra, the transitional course that bridges a student from concrete to abstract in preparation for Algebra and beyond.
  • TPS Math Accelerated is based on the Singapore Math curriculum, which introduces more advanced topics a little sooner. Our testing has shown that students who do well in TPS Math Accelerated 6 are prepared to go straight to Algebra, effectively skipping a year of Math.
  • TPS Math Fundamentals is based on the Math Mammoth curriculum, highly regarded for its rigor and accessibility. It thoroughly prepares a student for the crucial transition of Pre-Algebra, which also uses the Math Mammoth curriculum.

Accelerated: More advanced topics in greater depth

Grade 4: Math Accelerated 4
Grade 5: Math Accelerated 5
Grade 6 (Summer): Math Accelerated 6 Prep Camp
Grade 6: Math Accelerated 6

Note: Strong Math Accelerated 6 students may skip Pre-Algebra and go straight to Algebra.

Fundamentals: Solid foundation for Pre-Algebra or Pre-Algebra (Honors)

Grade 5-6: Math Fundamentals 5
Grade 6-7: Math Fundamentals 6

Learn all about TPS Elementary Math, including a chart and complete list of courses

About TPS (

  • On-line classes since 1997
  • Grades 4 to 12
  • Complete curriculum or à la carte
  • Live interactive classes
  • Top scholarship + biblical worldview
  • Timely effective teacher feedback
  • AP® courses with top scores
  • College dual credit courses
  • Dual credit classical program
  • Accredited HS transcript option
  • NCAA approved