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Jericho Honor Society

Since 1996, TPS – The Potter’s School has promoted academic excellence in home education. Many years of working with thousands of TPS students have affirmed the relationship between Godly character and academic success. There are many biblical reasons for this connection, some obvious and some subtle. The most basic is that all excellence, including academic, depends on purpose, initiative, diligence, persistence, and other aspects of Godly character more than it does on human ability.

Understanding the importance of Godly character as a foundation for excellence has prompted us to consider processes that encourage and credit development of that character. Toward that end, we developed Jericho International, an organization for promoting in youth a life of service and obedience to God’s calling.

What is the benefit of participation? Every year we will issue a signed letter of recognition to each student who actively participated for that entire year. TPS is a certifying organization for PVSA (President’s Volunteer Service Award) so U.S. students will receive this additional recognition. We suggest that students list these awards on college, scholarship or internship applications.

Jericho Honor Society Information and Requirements

Jericho Honor Society Feedback Guidelines