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Write with confidence! Middle school writing courses from TPS!

Write With Confidence! Middle School Writing Courses From TPS!

Is your grade 8 student working to become a confident high school writer, but maybe doesn’t love grammar drills and is still trying to find his or her “voice” in the writing process? If so, this is the middle school writing course you’ve been waiting for! This course is for grade 8 students who want to become more comfortable and confident writers for high school. It is also ideal for upper middle school students in a literature-based humanities (e.g., classical) program who want to focus on their writing with an expert teacher. It is designed and taught by an expert writing teacher with a masters in English (Writing Emphasis), a passion for recognizing the writing strengths in her students, and years of experience in developing young writers.

The course uses World Magazine’s engaging “Write with World” curriculum supplemented by other materials provide by the teacher to provide an engaging accessible context for developing writing to a high school level. Every fascinating assignment is designed to show young writers how a particular audience and purpose provides the motivation to write and guides the writing process. By the end of this course, students will have a solid understanding of the key elements of good essay writing at the early high school level, and will be confidently prepared for high school writing.

Learn more about TPS English 2: Confident Composition in our course catalog.

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