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Bible and Biblical Languages Courses

TPS wants all its students to develop in their relationships with God, and in their academic and devotional Bible study skills. We offer our Bible courses at low cost and time requirements, to make them accessible to as many students as possible. It is our goal to help TPS students build, refine and apply Bible study skills throughout high school, in the midst of other studies.

Our Bible classes are academically and spiritually rich, and suitable for teens, parents or both. They include courses covering Bible background (history, culture), theology and doctrine, and biblical languages. They may generally be taken at any appropriate grade level, individually or in sequence. We have suggested some common sequences below.

We are also pleased to feature a series of Logos Studies, each of which studies a particular book of the Bible while also teaching how to study the Bible, academically and devotionally. These courses are very low work over one semester for only $100, to make them accessible to busy students and families on a tight budget.

Suggested Bible Sequence
This sequence allows a student to take all of the courses before graduation. Suggested grade levels and prior courses are generally not prerequisites.

Grades 5-7: Christian History: Heroes of the Faith
Grades 7-9: Propositional Logic & Apologetics, Thinking Like A Christian (one semester)
Grades 8-9: Ancient History
Grades 8-10: Starting Points: Forming a Biblical Worldview
Grades 9-12: Bible Survey
Grades 9-12: Greek 1, Greek 2, Hebrew 1, Hebrew 2
Grades 10-12: History of Christianity, Apologetics (one semester)
Grade 11: Theology Matters
Grade 12: Worldviews in Movies, Music and Social Media

To find more details on these and related courses, please select the “Bible and Worldview” category in our Course Catalog.