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The traditional Christian approach to “worldviews” has generally been to join with other like-minded believers to “discuss” opposing views in a polemical approach, with little effort to genuinely understand and respectfully engage the other views. This approach is not serving a generation that has direct access (information and social networking) to other worldviews and to the people that hold them. Failing to engage other views accurately and respectfully leaves students ill-prepared for when they inevitably encounter the “real thing” outside the Christian classroom or discussion group.

Another common mistake is to confuse apologetics (defense of a particular viewpoint) for worldview (understanding different ideas and viewpoints), with the outcome that many students head off to college thinking they are ready to defend their faith when they actually lack sufficient understanding of their own worldview in the context of other worldviews. TPS offers both Apologetics and Worldviews courses, designed to meet a variety of needs at every level. For many, taking select courses one at a time will work best, and we list them below. For those who want a thorough curriculum that integrates history, literature, philosophy, and culture into a coherent curriculum, we would first like to draw your attention to Belhaven High Scholars.

Belhaven High Scholars is a two-year curriculum taught by Belhaven University that provides a seamless integration of history, literature, and Bible with a Christian worldview emphasis. This program is a thorough study of western civilization and worldviews, fulfilling 24 transferable college credits in history, literature, composition, philosophy, culture, and worldview. The program resources include media and resources developed by Belhaven’s expert professors and staff. Students sharpen their biblical worldview as they study and critique the belief system of each culture while addressing inherent philosophical, political, and ethical issues. This unique approach teaches students the value of a Christian worldview for shaping a prosperous and healthy society, and helps students mature their own personal worldview based on the Bible. More information on Belhaven High Scholars…

Suggested Worldview courses or integrated programs
This sequence allows a student to take all of the courses before graduation. Suggested grade levels and prior courses are generally not prerequisites, except for TPS Classical and Belhaven High Scholars.

Grade 7 or 8: Propositional Logic and Apologetics
Grade 8 or 9: Thinking Like A Christian (one semester)
Grades 8-10: Starting Points: Forming Your Biblical Worldview
Grade 10: Bible Survey
Grade 10 or 11: Theology Matters, Apologetics
Grade 11: Belhaven High Scholars (Year 1)
Grade 11 or 12: Worldviews in Movies, Music and Social Media
Grade 12: Belhaven High Scholars (Year 2)

To find more details on these and related courses, please select the “Bible and Worldview” category in our Course Catalog.